Faithful Politics

Being faithful with our politics, not political with our faith.

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  1. I hope Democrats (Meaning the Leadership) are only looking ahead with optimistic vision. The pessimist in me says its only a form of manipulation. “Let’s make everyone out to be a victim and then promise that we are their hope for the future.” But like you said both sides have their pros and cons.
    I’m finding it harder not to say forget all of politics and fall in line with Billy Graham’s approach later in life. After his burn by Nixon, resolving that he could only carry one banner and recommitting to that being the Gospel.
    Of course I realize we all play our part in what God is doing to advance his kingdom. And hopefully Christians continue to come out of the lets just keep our heads buried in the sand approach. But how do you be a Christian who chooses Christ and doesn’t choose Republican or Democrat? The whole Independent approach doesn’t seem to work, and Christian politicians are forced to choose a side to be successful, and Christian voters are forced to pick between the lesser of two evils because their “Guy” doesn’t stand a chance.

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