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Environmental Stewardship

The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico shows how devestating environmental catastrophes can be. Should the Church have a response to incidents like this, and if so, what should the response be?

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  1. My initial thoughts:

    1. We have a God-given mandate and responsibility for stewardship of the planet.
    2. The Earth, the oceans, and the animals that live in it are God’s creations too. They may not share the image of God like we do, but they express His creative power and glory as well.
    3. Prayer, plus financial support and volunteering if helpful.

    I’ll try to form these into a more coherent thought later.

    • I agree. I think that as Christians, we have a call to be stewards of the planet. Subdue the earth is different from destroying it. I feel like we try and take the world, which when it was created God said that it was good, and we try and make it into our own image. When we do this, we create oil spills, holes in the o-zone layer, and burned rain forests.

      I think that we will be feeling the repercussions of this oil spill for many years to come. As Christians, I believe that we should try and and preserve the beauty of creation at every turn. If the world is the general revelation of God, we should at the very least think about how we interact and in what ways could we damage it permanently.

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