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Was That Jim Wallis?

I can’t be sure, but today on CNN I saw a clip of President Obama’s Father’s day address, and it looked like Jim Wallis was sitting directly behind the President.  Mind you, this should not be any cause for wonder, after all, Wallis is one of the elder statesman of the Religious Left.  But what makes this interesting to note is that it is yet another example of how awestruck Wallis and others on the Left are by the President, especially when one considers the harshness with which they demeaned the Religious Right for such a connection with the previous President.  As we have discussed, however, partisanship is not always a bad thing.  But attacking your political opponents for the same action you partake in when the tables are reversed is certainly a bad idea.  There is nothing wrong with being a mild partisan, but let us all recognize that our own political inclinations can lead us to decry the partisanship of our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, when we ourselves have the same tendencies.

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