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High Walls and Wide Gates

This past week I read through Tony Campolo’s book Red Letter Christians (review coming next week), and one of the ideas that stuck out to me was his position on immigration reform.  Campolo stated that the United States’ immigration policy needed a balance between “high walls and wide gates.”  That we need to protect the border, but we also need a more equitable method for allowing migrants into our country.  As many have already argued, I believe that immigration reform makes no sense unless you first close the border.  Any reform plan will only be able to succeed if we are able to control who is coming into the country.  At the same time, as followers of Christ, we must recognize that how we treat the alien and stranger is essential to our calling to serve the vulnerable.  A wide gate that allows families to stay intact while they seek a better life here in America is one way we can serve the vulnerable.  But, as Campolo argued, a wide gate must come in tandem with a high wall.

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