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Pregnancy Assistance Fund

One of the longstanding critiques of the Pro-Life movement is that it only cares for the baby inside the mother’s womb, often at the expense of the mother and even children in poverty.  While this is a somewhat simplistic argument to make, unfortunately it’s sometimes the case.  A more holistic approach to the abortion issue will care for the mother and the child.  As we have discussed, the new direction of the Pro-Life community is largely heading this way, which is why pro-lifers should be excited about a recent press release.  Last Friday the Department of Health and Human Services announced the implementation of the Pregnancy Assistance Fund, which targets funding to pregnant women.  According to the HHS press release:

“Created by the Affordable Care Act, this competitive grant program will provide pregnant and parenting teens and women a seamless network of supportive services to help them complete high school or postsecondary degrees and gain access to health care, child care, family housing, and other critical support.  In addition, States can use the funds to combat violence against pregnant women.  This $25 million per year program will provide much needed financial assistance for states and communities across the country to provide supports for pregnant women and teens.”

Programs such as this do not take any steps towards criminalizing abortion, but they will have the beneficial consequences of reducing the number of abortions by mitigating the economic reasons for poor women to seek abortions.  If we are truly Pro-Life, as opposed to simply being anti-Roe v. Wade, we should support programs such as the Pregnancy Assistance Fund, but in addition, let this be a call for churches to continue the work of taking care of pregnant women as well.  It is always good for needy mothers to receive aid, but it would be better if that aid came from the loving arms of the Christian community instead of the bureaucratic process of government assistance.

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