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Partner Organization: Cry of the People

One of the key principles that we at Faithful Politics believe is that the Church should be key in addressing societal problems.  We seek to partner with churches and non-profits who are working to deal with some of the issues in our society.  Therefore, it is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with Cry of the People, a non-profit based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that deals with the issue of human trafficking.
Cry of the People
Type of Ministry: Christian Missional Society, that is a network of Christians committed to fostering and encouraging local communities toward mission with God through involvement in local justice issues — starting with human trafficking.
Mission Statement: a ministry helping believers to faithfully represent Jesus Christ as they work against human trafficking and other injustices throughout world.
Geographic and Demographic Regions: Global Network with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Founded: 2010
President: Joseph South
The following is an interview with Joseph South, president and founder of Cry of the People.
Faithful Politics: What is the toughest part about your work?
Joseph South: Two challenges make mobilizing our society difficult at the moment. First, we are functioning off a shoestring budget as be build our donor base and fully establish our private operating foundation.  Second, as a para-church organization focused on discipleship (a necessary component of faithfully representing Jesus Christ), churches tend to measure our credibility based off the other organizations we are already working with.  It takes plenty of time to create an organizational identity that stands on its own and can cooperate wither others while holding a strong conviction for God’s Truth.
FP: What do you want to see the Body doing better?
JS: The relevance of Christ’s ministry was shown through the healing and the freedom that He gave.  Through teaching, prophecy, miracles, exorcisms, and advocacy, Christ freely intervened in the micro-local context of every city he visited. I would like the Body to step up in justice issues by implementing these same ministry tools that Christ himself used.
FP: How can we help?
JS: Read through the book of Luke, and notice how many times Christ steps in take to take care of the widows and the disenfranchised women. Also look at how he heals, casts out demons, and commissions his disciples to do the same. We need a Christians who are willing to take on a world-view that accepts the realities of sickness and spiritual oppression in our broken. Then we need to take this to our churches, our non-profits, our schools, our businesses, and our governments.  Cry of the People as a network of people committed to this kind of discipleship needs church leaders, teachers, businesspeople, and politicians to come on board with our vision for a gospel that transforms society in line with Kingdom principles and contextualizes the gospel through active prayer for healing and freedom from oppression.  The greatest need for our ministry is connecting with others who are willing to share their time, talents, and treasures with this vision.
FP: You’ll know you have made a difference when…
JS: I’ll know we’ve made a difference when we hear stories of healing and restoration that are shared amongst our missional network.  When the disciples we encourage and train in the scriptures come back from their churches, outreaches, classrooms, and offices to share about people who are being set free from both spiritual and physical freedom.  We’ll know we’ve started something of worth when somebody comes into the Kingdom through the ministry of our network, and that new citizen goes forth to continue the work of setting captives free.
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