Faithful Politics

Being faithful with our politics, not political with our faith.


  1. I appreciate these comments on balancing the tension between public social engagement and private spiritual development. It seems to me that this is a classic example of tension that will never be solved but should be managed–and that’s okay! Managing the tension is what is important, striving always to act in a manner that “reflects the humility and love our Savior” (as you appropriately say), but knowing that we will never find the perfect balance. Yes, always strive to be that light to the world, but in the end, hold it loosely and render to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

    I’m curious, how feasible is it for elected official’s to follow this approach? What do these concepts translate to in regards to their line of work? It seems to me that many professed Christian representatives tends towards a culturally-approved Christianity, certainly not evangelistic by any means. What responsibilities do Christian reps hold in being salt and light in view of their public position with the state?

    • Oh, and by “private spiritual development”, I actually mean evangelism (private in the sense that it is not conducted through public means).

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