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Ron Sider’s Proactive Political Engagement

I was recently referred to an old article in Christianity Today about Ron Sider and his political philosophy (Read it here).  The article, dated from 1992, had an interesting quote that I think is worth reflecting on.  Tim Stafford stated:

“Unlike the Religious Right, which has been mostly reactive, Sider’s political involvement has always been proactive. In reading the Bible, he saw that God cares about social and political life as well as personal piety. And so Sider sees his activities in terms of applying the Bible to life.”

We have discussed the problems with being a reactionary movement before, but it is a point that bears repeating.  If all we do is react against the forces of secularism we will not only lose our political battles, but we will do a great disservice to the Kingdom of Christ.  We would do well to follow the lead of Ron Sider, now one of the elder statesmen of Evangelical political involvement, and have our political and social agenda be proactive.  Demonstrating Christ’s love and the true meaning of justice to a lost and hurting world.

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  1. I agree that some of the mis calculations and the negativity that inspired the religious right and the politics have backfired big time . Donate money to stop abortions, donate money to keep tradtional marriage , stop the gay agenda , etc .
    But some of causes say Christians are concerned about , our envirnoment, our nurturing and supporting families, or support of education have indeed been hijacked by elements that do cross the line in the other direction . Schools for the poor are terrible , the ability for them to keep quality teachers or get rid of bad teachers is ingrained in the current left wing idealogy and collective bargaining arrangements. To support our education system unless you accept the fact that the Teacher’s Union will drive the process you might as well be out of it . We now buy products from overseas because of cheap labor and our education system has failed us to the point we are starting to hire from other countries for our high tech jobs here . leaving us in the middle , not producing and being quite mediocre.

    To support many issues you have to go along , not promote issues as the blog suggests .Unless you agree with what is happening now you will be labeled intolerant as the religious right is . The problem here with Mr . Sider’s view is he agrees perhaps with much of the left, but only sees the log in the right’s eye . Plenty of logs to go around .

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