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Concern for Creation: An Evangelical Defense of Earth Day

As Christians fight tooth and nail to defend the creation of the universe by an intelligent designer over and against the evolution of the world through an accident, they also fight against the care and concern for that very creation. As Christians read Bible verses riff with metaphors comparing God’s characteristics to the natural world he created they at the same time defend the destruction of these areas. As Christians sing worship songs reading off of slides with background images displaying natural wonder, these same areas are slowly being poisoned.

While nature is often times used to sub-plant God by non-Christians it can be no wonder why they do it, God himself was the creator of the world. We fail to do our Christian duty to God if our reaction to non-Christians is to simply reverse their opinion instead of reacting to the nature of God. The very first act of God recorded in the Bible was the creation of the world, an act which he said was good (Gen. 1:3). God then put us on this earth and we were put in charge of it to be its stewards and subdue it (Genesis 1:28). We are to put the earth to use, we are to use its resources and not just exist on the earth without touching it. However, that is not an invitation to participate in its destruction. When we learn that mountain top mining, oil spills, and destruction of habitats is damaging to the earth we cannot continue and use our stewardship over the earth as an excuse. God said that when we are faithful with little he will give us much (Matt. 25:21). I cannot imagine that our stewardship for this world invites us to be offered stewardship over the new earth.

Our calling to reach the lost and care for the poor is not an invitation to discard all things in place of this new goal, instead it is to effect all areas of our life. When habitats are destroyed it affects not only the plants and animals that are there but also the humans that have made their life there. The destruction of food and water sources has huge implications for the poor and lost of the area. While some can afford to gain access to clean food and water many are stuck with what is available to them: dirty water or poisoned food. Our concern for them should cause us to be concerned about the area in which they live.

Let our love of God’s creation be a sign of our ultimate love for the one who created it and the one who came to redeem it.

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