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Centrist Organization Spotlight: Rising Voice

One of our key beliefs at is that a holistically biblical approach to politics will not fall only on the right or left of the political spectrum, but rather, somewhere in the center.  For the next few weeks we will be promoting organizations that demonstrate a commitment to centrist politics.

The idea of Focus on the Family being a centrist organization seems a bit far fetched.  But Focus has recently created an outreach to the millennial generation that is much more broad in its focus.  Rising Voice states that their purpose is to be, “an outreach to millennials who want to help transform the culture. [They] provide resources that equip young adults to live out their Bible-based faith in a way that tangibly helps others.”  Their main emphasis is on building a place for younger believers to learn about issues that the Church needs to address, including everything from sex trafficking and the environment to marriage and gambling.

While we can all celebrate Focus creating an outreach with a more holistic mission, it is understandable if you are a bit skeptical.  By only targeting millennials, Rising Voice is largely preaching to the choir.  The millennial generation generally has a more holistic vision to begin with, so at times it feels as if Rising Voice is simply a way for Focus to engage a demographic that doesn’t typically support their work.

Regardless of their motivation, however, Rising Voice is doing a good job of approaching societal issues from a broad and balanced platform.  Also, while most evangelicals are conservative leaning, most centrist organizations approach the center from the left, thereby pushing away most of their target audience before they even begin.  If the American church is going to see a lasting shift in their political positions it will need to come from a right-center approach, such as Rising Voice.

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