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The Submissive Politician: Michele Bachmann on Gender Roles

One of the media’s favorite games is to play who-can-make-those-crazy-evangelicals-seem-the-craziest.  The latest round came when Michele Bachmann, a Republican candidate for president, was asked in a debate whether or not she would “submit” to her husband were she elected president.  This question was a reference to a comment Bachmann had previously made on her husband’s role in her decision to go to law school, but on a deeper level the question gets at how her faith informs her worldview.  Without getting into the politics of her candidacy, the theology of her response, or the legitimacy of the question in a presidential debate, there is still an important lesson we can glean from this incident.

After the debate CNN did a segment in which Dr. Alduan Tartt, a psychologist and motivational speaker, analyzed Bachmann’s response to the question.  Now, the theology of both Dr. Tartt and the CNN anchor will be contested by many conservative theologians, but what cannot be questioned is the outstanding fact that CNN is debating how to correctly interpret the New Testament!

What we are witnessing in this episode is the fact that Christian political participation can be a wonderful avenue for spreading the Gospel.  A biblical civic engagement can help bring justice to a broken world, shape culture in a God-honoring way, and provide a voice for the vulnerable, just to name a few intangibles.  But on top of all of that, it provides a platform for us to share our faith.  I would strongly encourage you to watch the following video, and as you do, contemplate the following: one very strong reason we should be involved in the political arena is the fact that it has the potential to stimulate thoughts and conversations about God and His work in the world that might not otherwise exist.

CNN: Bachmann Explains “Submissive Wives.”

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