Faithful Politics

Being faithful with our politics, not political with our faith.

The Problem With Partisanship

There is no denying that modern evangelicalism has become highly partisan.  The Religious Right is so lockstep with the Republicans it is almost a guarantee that the GOP will win 70-80% of the evangelical vote.  At the same time, the emergence of the Religious Left has shown that the Democrats also have a faith corner to count on.  The list of problems and potential problems this situation gives us is too long to even mention here, so instead, let us listen to the words of Stephen Monsma and Mark Rodgers from their essay in Toward An Evangelical Public Policy:

[Another] danger is that they run the risk of inadvertently assisting factions of the party that are at odds with Christian principles in achieving their goals.  Certain evangelical leaders or groups may support the Democratic Party because of its support for increasing the minimum wage, but if that support is unqualified, they may end up also advancing the cause of abortion-on-demand.  Other evangelical leaders or groups may support the Republican Party out of their desire that inner-city children and their parents have the educational choice that vouchers would bring, but if that support is overly generalized, they may end up also advancing a foreign policy that many believe puts business interests ahead of concerns over the persecution of Christians in certain overseas countries.” (Pg. 340)

A vote for a particular party is also a vote for the coalition of special interests that they have assembled.  The coalitions of both the Republicans and Democrats contain factions that are counter to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Monsma and Rodgers pointed out.  The solution isn’t necessarily to become an independent, although that may be the best option for some.  Rather, we all must seek to pry loose the chokehold that both parties have on differing church traditions.  We cannot serve two masters, and that is more true in politics than almost anywhere else.

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