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What Do You Do About Abortion?

For Bible-beliving Christians abortion is consistently one of the most talked about political issues.  But all too often the conversation revolves only around the issue of who we vote for in light of the biblical teaching on abortion.  The truth, however, is that no matter which side of the political aisle one comes down on there are plenty of other options for how we can help bring justice to this complex issue.  Justin Taylor has a few helpful suggestions about what it means to be pro-life in his chapter of Don’t Call It A Comeback.  

“It may mean many different things, including the giving of time, talent, and treasure.  It may mean public advocacy.  It may mean counseling young women who are abused or confused and not sure what to do.  It may mean opening your home for foster care or adoption.  It may mean donating to a crisis pregnancy center that serves women considering abortion.  It may mean a spiritual investment in secret that no one will see: fasting and prayer.  But one thing is clear: inaction is not a biblically permissible option.” (Pg. 189)

I believe that it is important to vote pro-life, but at the same time I recognize why some very godly and mature Christians disagree with me.  But no matter who we vote for, the list of options Taylor just gave us shows that there is much more to being pro-life than pulling the lever for Candidate X.

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