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The Crossroads: Can a Christian Vote for a Mormon?

The Crossroads is a biweekly installment where Christians of differing perspectives have an opportunity to voice their respective opinions on an issue.  In the spirit of promoting edifying dialogue within the Body of Christ we encourage you to add your voice to the discussion.  May our conversation be uplifting for the Church and point us all to a more clear understanding of our Savior.

Religion and Politics

Question: Can a Christian Vote for a Mormon?

Every Candidate Is Fallen - Dr. Fred Smith

Christians are wondering, “Should we vote for a Mormon for President? Are we violating our faith commitments if we do so? Would a Mormon in the White House be bad for the country?”

Let’s begin with the Bible to answer these questions: Genesis says all are created in God’s image. We all share a common humanity, and a Mormon is likely to face the challenges of service in the White House in ways similar to most people.

Second, we all share a common fallenness. No one is perfect, and we’ve never had a perfect president. Like others, Mormons are not perfect. We always vote for less than perfect candidates and Mormons are no exception. Christians should be comfortable with the theoretical consideration of voting for a potential Mormon candidate on basic biblical grounds.

The specific question is whether to vote for Mitt Romney, if he is nominated. Will he be the “Mormon President” not the “US President”? Two factors are important here: First, does Romney “grind an ax” for Mormonism; is it central to him? It does not appear so. He is in the tradition of Presidents who speak generally about morals and God but who are secularists day to day. Such people have been effective presidents throughout history.

Second, might Romney appoint Mormons only to his administration, narrowing the scope of his administration, which should reflect the diversity of the whole nation. One clue to this might be those he picked to serve with him on the Olympics and in his Massachusetts administration. If these were mostly Mormons, there is cause for concern, but not otherwise. If Christians can satisfy themselves on these two matters they should have no qualms about voting for him.

- Dr. Smith is an Associate Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Liberty Baptist
Theological Seminary

Vote For The Candidate Whose Platform Aligns With Mine - Tim Brown

I don’t see that voting for a Mormon presents a theological or philosophical problem for the evangelical Christian given political reality. Here’s why: I would rather have a Mormon working for me than a Christian working against me.

The question isn’t, “Is Mormonism heresy?” That question is definitively settled for the evangelical Christian. The question is, “Can a Mormon be President?” More exactly, “Can a theological heretic be a competent President?” Well, would you support a Mormon Republican who sought to protect life in the womb or a Christian Democrat who was indifferent to it? Would you support a Mormon Republican who calls for a strong defense or a Christian Democrat wanting to scale down our military to a position you would consider weakness? Would you support a Mormon Republican who championed 2nd Amendment rights or a Christian Democrat who wanted to pry your gun from your cold dead hands?

These aren’t theoretical questions. (In politics, issues of trinitarianism take a back seat to public justice). I vote for the person whose platform most closely aligns with mine. In the world of political reality, this may turn out to be a Mormon.

- Tim is a pastor at Calvary Chapel in Fremont, CA and blogs regularly at

Voting For A Mormon Legitimizes A Cult - Kolburt Schultz

The perplexing question of how Christians should handle a Mormon presidential candidate is influenced by a number of factors. The first thing to consider is whether it is the general election or a primary election. In the primaries we have a lot more room to be discriminating of the candidates. Once the general election comes around, however, the stakes are higher and more compromises need to be made. With the question at hand, however, it should be stated clearly that it is not a sin to vote for a Mormon. However, for one important reason I think that it is not advisable for followers of Christ to give their support to a Mormon candidate, particularly in the primary.

Mormonism is a cult by most recognized definitions of the term. They are also experiencing rapid growth worldwide and would gain more credibility were a Mormon to be elected president. It can be difficult for non-Christians to understand the differences between orthodox Christianity and Mormonism, and for such a high profile public office to be held by a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I fear many will simply assume that there is no distinction between the true Church and this cult.

In the end, voting for a Mormon (unlike voting for a Buddhist, Muslim, or other non-Christian) presents the possibility of Christianity being marred by a heretical sect.

- Kolburt is the co-founder of and a regular contributor.

Vote For The Least Flawed Candidate - Lynn Baber

Every election requires a voter to choose between a flawed candidate and a worse candidate. If the choice in 2012 is a Mormon vs. Mr. Obama, Christian voters must choose from one of these options:

1. Vote FOR Mr. Obama whose bias is completely toward humanism and against the God of the Bible.
2. Vote FOR a Mormon who upholds most Christian ideals.
3. ABSTAIN from voting in protest, which simply advances Mr. Obama.

The gospel message is one of personal choice and accountability. How could any Christian rationalize his or her decision to not participate in the political process? What will happen to the man or woman who decides to “abstain” on the issue of relationship with Christ?

- Lynn is the co-founder of Amazing Grays Ministry and blogs regularly at


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  1. Hi, Kolbert – a couple of things come to mind in reading your take.

    #1 I don’t think there was a swell in the membership roles of the RCC when Kennedy was POTUS, nor a similar increased attendance in the Southern Baptist churches when Carter was POUTS. The same could be said of the Episcopal church for Bush I nor for the evangelical churches when Bush II had his two terms. (I can’t remember which church the Clintons attended). I don’t think an argument for denominational popularity can be historically maintained.

    #2 The church should welcome a national discussion of Mormonism. We should get our books out, dust them off, and became reacquainted with the history and doctrines of Mormonism and be competent and able to refute its historical distortions, and Biblical and theological shortcomings.

    What do you think?

    • TIm,
      I wholeheartedly agree with you encouragement to better understand, and thereby refute, Mormonism. However, I think this situation is different than Kennedy’s Catholicism or Bush’s evangelicalism in that Mormonism is “newer” to the religious scene. Many people aren’t familiar with Mormonism (thus their recent advertising push), so Romney’s candidacy is certainly going to be a boost in their PR.

    • Mitt Romney is not just a Mormon, he is a Bishop/teacher in the church of Mormons, and if he is true to his faith as he claims, it’s going to influence him in his decision making. As a Christian, trying to live for my Lord & Savior, Jesus I’m influenced daily in my decision making based on the teachings of my faith, maybe are not talking like a spirit -filled Christian, but like these fleshly so-called evangelicals/Pharisees when you try to justify man’s sinful ways by using the common excuse the Devil always employ, “nobody is perfect.” That’s why God has given a Christian Jesus to live in him to help him with his imperfections, not to make excuses for it. Either God is your spiritual father or the Devil, there are no other choices. Romney doesnt have Jesus and therefore he can’t go to the throne of Grace to receive mercy in time of need. The greater of two evils between Romney and Obama is clearly Romney, the Mormon Bishop.The greatest evil manifested by any man is unbelief in Jesus., which makes Romney guilty. Applying your ungodly approach of choosing between Obama a professing Christian or Bishop Romney, I,m sure you would have thought the Murderer & Adultress, King David was more evil than the self-righteous Pharisees. However,God saw David as a man after His own heart and the self-righteous Pharisees as “snikes, vipers & hypocrites.”You would have struck out and condemned King David to hell and sent the Pharisees to Heaven because you look at things fleshly and not from the spirit. Again I say, “The most evil thing that any man does is deny Jesus as the Christ, and that’s what all Mormons do.” Before you start giving godly advise, learn your Bible.” Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictures.” James 3:1. Why do you have a greater standard for President Obamana than you have for the heathen, Bishop Romney. He can be imperfect, but President Obama has to be supernatural and be perfect in your eyes. Repent and ask God to purge out the racism in your heart. I don’t believe God wants any of his children following a cult leader in any capacity. Study your Bible, Romney is lead by his spiritual father, the DevIl. Read 1 John 4:1. I believe God is testing American Christians so they can see if they are truly of the faith. And they are failing the test! By following someone who is influenced by the teachings of demonic mormonism, Bishop/teacher Mit Romney and his choice for vice-president Paul Ryan, who was influenced in his poltical philosophy by Aye Rand, a devout Atheist. You have chosen to follow the Devil ways over God ways.The New Testament clearly reads: “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” Maybe you think that scripture refers to Bisop Romney. (Read also 2 Chronicles 7:14). Head knowledge of the Bible is mostly what I see in America. We must live the Bible. I know for a fact who Bishop Romney professes to be, a Mormon He thinks he is on his way to be God according to the teachins of mormonism I don’t want anyone who think such away to be my President!. The white man is selling his soul to the Devil, Mit Romney/Paul Ryan rather than being led by a professing black Christian even though He’s not perfect. Why does Obama have to be perfect for you to accept him. How can any true Christian say that a Bishop/Teacher Mormon is “less flawed” than a professing Christian. This is out right racism and you are to blind to see it, Pharisees. Study the Bible and lean not to your own understanding. Repent of your racism, for it is appointed for man to once to die and then the judgment. God does see and rules this earth from heaven, He will not be mocked! You are evidence that man’s heart is deceitful desparately wicked!! Bishop Romney is a habitual liar, just like his father, the Devil. He will say anything to get you to follow him, with no conscious.

  2. I agree with Tim’s position the most in this discussion. It seems like you have to look at candidates based mainly on their political stand and how it matches with what you believe is important. In Kolburt’s argument he doesn’t want to legitimize a cult which I think is a very fair statement. But, I am struck at the same time by not wanting to legitimize on the national stage Christian views that I think are opposite of the Christian message.

    Also, in response to Lynn I don’t think I have ever heard the gospel summarized as “one of personal choice and accountability.” That doesn’t sound like the gospel at all. The gospel is forgiveness for your sins because Christ died for you not because of anything you did.
    As far as Humanism vs. the God of the Bible. It seems like humanism and Christian morality would overlap quite a bit on the national policy level. At least the do in the way I read God’s commandments to us.

  3. Do you really have to ask? Politics are the reason there are so many “grey”areas of the law and consequently, so many abortions, murders, bad judges, confused juries, and sexually mixed up children. If you have any doubt, ask yourselves how many times have your children done the exact opposite of what you teach? The saying I heard most often is “your children will magnify your faults no matter how brilliantly you hide them.” I beleive that goes doubly for our convictions. There are too many children who are confused out there and the reason traces back to way too many of our adults succumbing to peer pressure and allowing their moral and religious beliefs to be compromised and “greyed” out to prevent conflicts. The “go along to get along” mentality is a thing of the past if we a REAL TRUE Christians are to lead our children into heaven! Never mind the 21st century. And there is no crossroads if we keep our eyes on the path to the City of God. Don’t smudge the line, keep things black and white and to hell with the grey.

    • Hi, Joseph – yes, there is no debate about the truth. The challenge we have is bringing black and white thinking and applying it to grey areas.

      • As far as a choice is concerned I wish people would actually look at this guy Santorum. AND LISTEN. I’m throwing my money into the Santorum campain.

        • This person posted this and I just had to share this confusing point of veiw. We have our mission cut out for us don’t we.

          Todd Olson
          Not to pick a fight, but love is gray, grace is gray, the gospel meets people in the gray and doesn’t seek to remove them from it – only to give freedom and salvation, the rest of life is just to become more like Jesus (who lived and ministered in the gray). In John 8 when Jesus refused to condemn the woman caught in adultery (and forgave her when she didn’t even ask) He wasn’t concerning Himself with black and white, just love. Gray isn’t necessarily evil. If we are afraid of the unknown in the grayness of life and make laws to protect us from gray then we’ve become Pharisees. Love is very often in the gray. To the original question: Let’s not look at Mr. Romney as Mormon, just as someone who doesn’t know and needs Jesus.

          8 hours ago · Like.

          Joseph Harrison
          If you really beleive that I feel sorry for you. When you meet God face to face you will be defenseless in his presence. As far as looking and not looking, I will go with my eyes wide open. Romney has had a lifetime to find out and has chosen his path. As far as your manipulation of my words, grey is the lie people tell themselves when they “just want what they want and God won’t mind”Psycs. and the like give it nice names like rationalizing and worse, so it sounds “less harsh” to the ungodly sinner and the bending of the laws that God gave us is just another satanic trick. Rewriting the word of God, manipulating the teachings of God and what his son did for mankind, is equally satanic. And those that say they are with God but follow a man are dispised as hippocrites. Those that lead the children astray are as God puts it ” better off tiying a stone around their neck and casting themselves into the sea. And Mr olson from what I’ve read you seem to be an awfully confused person, perhalps from spending too much time in the smearedself made world of grey that neither whole heartedly commits to God or fully rejects Satin. I hope not but I don’t follow people who accept your thinking and have no intention of listening to anyone at my age who believes in accepting grey as having anything to do with God, except to distort and polute his teachings. in closing, I don’t fight those in this world but I do stand firmly albiet loudly, with God.

          8 minutes ago · Like.

  4. I have been perplexed by this question for some time now. As I research various positions I become even more perplexed. I am amazed at the number of professed Christians that believe they should make their decision based upon current US social issues or general morality of the candidates. This seems to me like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Time and again I see comments like if a Mormon candidate is “pro-life” and anti gay marriage then that makes them acceptable. That means their decision is based upon positions on a few moral values rather then a position on the giver of moral values.

    As a man of strong Christian faith I have felt the US is slowly moving away from God. The aforementioned moral values are only a couple of examples of this. So I have concluded the first and foremost question for a Christian to ask about a candidate is will this candidate bring our country closer to God or further away. That was God’s standard when Israel wanted a king. He warned them a king would lead them away from Him. That should be a Christians standard.

    I personally believe a candidate that believes that god is an exalted man and that man can become a god is nothing short of the original temptation thrown our by Satan (…for you will be like God). That candidate is NOT godly and has a faith that comes from the father of lies. Such a candidate is likely not to bring our nation closer to God.

    Then I hear “what option do we have?” I agree with the underlying sentiment of the question but that does not allow me to ignore the important question. Let us not forget who is in charge. Regardless who our president is God is still on His thrown. And if the majority of voters in this country demand a return to more traditional moral values our government will respond. Our politicians love to be re-elected. As I see it the problem is not the politicians but rather the electorate which is moving away from God.

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