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A Plug For Your Local Crisis Pregnancy Center

This week Planned Parenthood has once again found itself in the middle of national controversy.  This time it is not related to the Republican controlled House’s continual attempt to pull federal funds from the nation’s largest abortion provider.  Rather, it is over the flip-flops of the breast cancer advocacy group Komen for the Cure, and their reversal of their previous reversal on their decision to grant funds to Planned Parenthood (and yes, it is as confusing as that sentence made it sound).  If you value life in its most innocent form you should be pulling for the demise of the pro-abortion giant that is Planned Parenthood, therefore I think this provides an excellent opportunity to point out why they are still around, and more importantly, what we can do to put them under.

First of all, recent trends show that abortion is growing more and more unpopular with the general public.  However, my own anecdotal opinion is that Planned Parenthood still enjoys relatively strong support in the general public.  This seeming contradiction is likely not because the populace supports the abortive efforts of Planned Parenthood, but because Planned Parenthood has done a good job of selling themselves as the defender of women’s rights.  As long as people think of Planned Parenthood as “being there” for women in need, they will continue to haul in cash from the government, private foundations and individual donors.

Two things need to be done in order to end Planned Parenthood’s monopoly as the “protector of women’s rights.”  The first is to continue to point out (as so many have done) the detrimental effects abortion has on women’s health.  The physical, emotional and psychological risks of abortion make it an unwelcome ally in the sphere of women’s health.  But more importantly, we must continue to herald the amazing work done by pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.  There are over 4,000 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States, and together they form an intricite network of care, support, and resources for women contemplating abortion.  Their efforts continue to make a fool out of any who would say the pro-life community only cares about children before they are born.

But if the pro-life cause is going to continue to advance, and if Planned Parenthood is ever to be defunded, we must continue to support crisis pregnancy centers in any way we can.  In order for their work to continue they require robust financial support and an army of volunteers.  If you are not already connected with a local pregnancy center  let me encourage you to do so (you can find one in your area by clicking here).  Your donations, both fiscal and temporal, show the world the loving arms of our Savior.  And by reaching out to a poor mother with a crisis pregnancy we are caring for the “least of these” in our society.  The funding of Planned Parenthood is more than just a hot political topic, it is a matter of life or death.

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