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How To Be Conservative Without Being A Culture Warrior

It’s not often that we at recommend other blogs to our readers.  But the recent re-emergence of the gay marriage debate has served to highlight the importance of constructive dialogue on issues of faith and politics.  If the tone of our national conversation is going to change there will need to be a litany of voices contributing to a more reasonable and generous environment.  This is not to say that Christians can’t hold to strong policy positions.  In fact, to some extent following Christ and advocating for certain legislation will go hand in hand.  And this is also not to say that Christians can’t disagree on what those policies should be, rather, that we should hold to our political positions in a humble and charitable manner.

For the above mentioned reasons I want to recommend to you  The site’s main contributor, Matthew Lee Anderson, is the author of Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter to Our Faith, and is a thoughtful and engaging writer.  He is not afraid to state his positions, but he does so in a way that demonstrates it is indeed possible to be conservative without being a culture warrior.  We need more voices like this contributing to the post-religious right face of American evangelicalism.

We would love to hear of any other sites that would also fit this description (both conservative and liberal), so please feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments section.


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