Faithful Politics

Being faithful with our politics, not political with our faith.

A Covenant For Faithful Politics

The vision of is to promote a Christian engagement in the public square in a manner that brings glory to God, not shame to His Body.  The following is a summation of what we believe it means to honor God in our politics.

A Covenant for Faithful Political Engagement

A. Christians Must Participate: I believe that Christians have an obligation to participate in the betterment of society by being involved in the political process.  As democracies require participation in order to be effective, Christians must “render unto Caesar” the involvement they are due in order to operate.  Our call to love our neighbors, be salt and light, and promote justice requires that we be involved in advocating for solutions to our world’s problems, both from the actions of the Church, and the involvement of the government.

B. Christians Must Bring Glory to God Through Their Participation: I believe our participation must be in a manner that brings glory to God, not shame to His Body.  All of our actions in the public square must be guided by love, not merely a desire to win.  We must not trade our calling as servants of Christ for political power or cultural influence.  As with all of our actions, our political participation should bring more people into a saving relationship with Christ.

C. Church And Then Government: I believe that the Gospel is the only venue through which healing for the World’s problems can come, for that reason we should always seek for solutions to society’s problems to come through the Church primarily.  But, there are certain issues and occasions when government must become involved in order to fulfill its two-pronged role of restraining evil and promoting the common good.

D. A Broad Agenda: I believe that God has given members of the Body different passions, but we should all be concerned and engaged in the following areas as a reflection of a holistic understanding of the Bible:

  1. Sanctity of Life: I believe that all human life, created in the image of God, is sacred and should be protected.
  2. Sacredness of Marriage/Preservation of Family: I believe that God created marriage to reflect Christ’s relationship to the Church, and is therefore holy and worthy of respect.  I believe the family is integral to society and will work to make it strong and intact.
  3. Human Rights: Because humanity was specially created in the image of God, I believe that everyone is due the respect and dignity that this unique position affords.
  4. Religious Freedom: I believe that all persons should have the right to determine and to practice their religious beliefs without interference from their government.
  5. Environmental Stewardship: I believe that God created the earth, declared it to be “good,” and placed humanity in a role of stewardship, indicating we should care for the earth.
  6. Peace and Just War: I believe that Christianity is a religion of peace, and while occasions may arise where war is indeed necessary in our fallen world, we should promote peace and reconciliation.
  7. Poverty: I believe Christians have an obligation to care for the poor in a manner that restores them to a place of dignity and participation in the community.
  8. Health Care and Disease Prevention:  I believe that Christ modeled a concern for the sick, and that we should continue the rich tradition of the Church caring for the ailing.
  9. Education: I believe all persons should be given the opportunity to receive a quality education.
  10. Racial Reconciliation: I believe that all races reflect the glory of God, and that the Church should work towards creating a society where no one faces an uphill climb or unfair advantage due to the color of their skin.
  11. Civil Rights: I believe government was created by God for the good of the people, governments should therefore not infringe on their citizens civil rights.
  12. Immigration: I believe the Church has a responsibility to care for immigrants and to promote policy that is just and sustainable.
  13. Sex Trafficking: I believe God created humanity as sexual beings and that the abuse of anyone’s sexuality against their will should be prevented.
  14.  Orphans: I believe true religion involves taking care of orphans, therefore the Church should work toward providing as many children as possible the opportunity to be raised in a loving family.
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  1. Bravo! This is an excellent manifesto to help guide Christians’ engagement in the political sphere. I appreciate the “Broad Agenda” — emphasizes a basic stance, but still leaves some room for healthy dialogue and a potential nuanced difference of opinion.

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